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BiometricNews.Net, Inc. is the audio recording studio of AST Cybersecurity.  You may be wondering, how we got this name?  Well, we first got started in security with Biometrics.  In fact, our first podcasts were with key leaders in the Biometrics industry all over the world.  In fact, we have even written and published three books on Biometrics.  Although our focus is now on Cybersecurity related podcasts, we still talk about Biometrics wherever it is relevant in our shows. Through our studio, we offer the following services:

Here are our podcasting services:

  • Premium Content:

We only interview top level titles from both Cybersecurity and Security companies.  We cover niche topics, that are useful for businesses of any size.  Want to also showcase your latest product or company PDF’s or PPT’s for your audience?  Send them our way, and we will host them for you also!!! This also includes a new wave, called video podcasts. 

  • On Demand Podcasts:

Over time, we will be investing into a Portable Podcast Studio.  If you need a podcast done within 24-48 hours, we will be able to do that for you, either on-site or remotely.

  • Transcription:

Want a text version of your show?  We can provide you, in a written format the major highlights of your show!!!

  • Audio Production:

Want to add some of your sound clips?  Want to add a video to your podcast?  Need some editing work done?  Want to break up your podcast into smaller pieces of audio content for easier consumption?  We can do all of that for you!!!  We use the best technologies, that of Adobe Audition and Audacity.

  • Consulting:

Need help in creating a podcast?  Want somebody else to run a show on your behalf?  Need advice in finding the right guest?  Need help in determining the script for your show?  We can help you with all of this!!!

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy:

Ok, so now you have a podcast.  But how do you market it?  This is where all of the buzzwords like Keywords, PPCs, SEOs, Google Rankings, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  all come into play.  We can help you to create a strategy optimized to your needs to be spread across all of these platforms.

  • eBooks:

Are you thinking of getting into the world of self-publishing, but too afraid to try it yet?  Well, we can convert the audio content from your podcast into a written format, such as that of an eBook, which you can easily sell on places like Amazon.

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