A New Way To Do Penetration Testing From The Standpoint Of Physical Security

February 22nd, 2021

About Security Illusion:

After working in Cyber Security for well over a decade, the founder and lead tester at Security Illusion (Phillip Bosco), wanted to approach cyber security differently. Through highly-customizable & personalized assessments, Security Illusion stands out from the rest by focusing heavily on the quality of our assessments and relationships over sheer quantity.

About the Boscloner:

Built by penetration testers for penetration testers, the Boscloner Pro is the most robust RFID testing toolkit on the planet. Within seconds, the Boscloner Pro can identify virtually any Low-Frequency (LF) or High-Frequency (HF), crack the encryption, capture the badge, and immediately copy or simulate this badge, all up to an astounding 6ft away! In a single, full-featured kit, the Boscloner Pro supports capturing and cloning (or simulating) the following badge technologies: HID ProxCard II, EM4100, HID iClass, Indala, and MIFARE Classic. 

About Phillip Bosco:

Phillip holds over 12 years of experience in information security and penetration testing between his roles with various government agencies, as a former United States Cyber Marine with a secret clearance, and consulting with the private sector among numerous Fortune 50/500 companies. With a passion for social engineering, Phillip is the creator of the Boscloner, an all-in-one RFID cloning toolkit, which has been utilized by law enforcement, red teams, military, and security consultants around the globe. In his spare time, Phillip enjoys another type of hacking: bio-hacking. Through specialty diets and lifestyle, Phillip connects with all things wellness to heal the body and mind through his passionate exploration of natural and holistic methods.

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