Befriending AI: How Technology & Humans Are The Best Defense Together

March 8th, 2021

About Managed Solution:

Managed Solution is a nationally recognized Microsoft Partner of the Year and the largest, leading IT service provider in San Diego. As a Top 1% Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, with engineers that individually hold over 13 Microsoft certifications, we offer a US based 24/7/365 IT help desk that provides nation-wide support as well as onsite consulting and support.

Our services include cloud consulting services for Microsoft as well as business intelligence and analytics, IT automation, identity management, and security and compliance.

About Sean Ferrel:

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Sean founded Managed Solution in 2002, after receiving his degree from the University of San Diego,  because he believed there was a better way to provide IT talent to help businesses with their exponential growth of data, technology needs and business challenges as it relates to IT. Sean is equally passionate about both people and technology, and truly believes it’s about finding the right people to empower the right technology solutions that can take your business to where it needs to go. When Sean isn’t discussing business objectives or learning about the latest and greatest technology, he enjoys travelling, spending time with his family, and fishing.

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