Cyber Security Hack: What Business Leaders Need to Be Aware Of

September 16th, 2022

There has been a surge of cyber-attacks over the last decade, and businesses must implement various security measures to protect themselves from new and emerging threats. Adam Pittman, Cyber Security expert, author, and speaker will give you his predictions for 2023 cyber security, his best tips on protecting your business, and a few of his favorite books as a bonus! 

About Adam Pittman:

Adam Pittman is a cyber security expert and author who inspires leaders, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to gain empowerment through technology.

Adam is on a mission to help people protect themselves from cyber security threats through simple and cost-effective methods.

Best known for being featured in the Documentaries Cyber Crime (2019) and The Dark Web Uncovered (2022)  - How to provide practical and inexpensive to stay safe from cyber criminals, Adam is an expert at equipping audiences with thought-provoking and valuable tools to protect themselves from cyber threats.

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