Security With App Development And SaaS Solutions

July 16th, 2020

About Elko:

Elko is an App Development firm and SaaS provider.

We use our in-house Elko App Builder(EAB)  to provision a fully functional app in just minutes, so unlike working with other firms,  at Elko, you don't have to wait for or pay for the weeks or months it takes to do all the heavy lifting with spinning up and hosting an app -  we just focus on building out the unique features that make your app, well, your app.

Our Elko App Builder has been leveraged to build apps that that are used by millions of users every day. Some of these apps even went to market in just two weeks thanks to our App Builder!

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About Paul Hilsen:

Paul started out his career as a mechanical  engineer but eventually moved into the software consultant world as first a developer, and then a program manager who led many different IT and product development initiatives. While a consultant, Paul saw a huge barrier to entry for clients wanting to create a digital product - the costs were astronomically high and the time to market was way too long. So Paul and his team at Elko  lowered that barrier by creating the Elko App Builder, a SaaS solution that enables rapid and cost effective product development.

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