The Importance Of Having A Robust & Dynamic Intelligent Feed For Cyber

July 19th, 2022

About Jim McKee:

Jim McKee has a background in information security consulting and has been an active member in Infragard since it started.  He was the co-founder of two companies which developed multi-factor authentication, encryption and voice signature technologies for the use in the payment processing industries.  He was the founder of PaylinX Corporation, the world leader in enterprise-wide payment software in 1996, grew this enterprise from a small business maintaining a staff of five people to a successful International operation with over 175 employees. In 2000, PaylinX was sold to CyberSource Corporation for $142 million which was then acquired by Visa for $2.4 billion in 2010.   Jim then went on to co-found the lead companies that became Payment Systems Group, Inc. a Saint Louis, MO based payment technology company. 

About Wapack Labs Corporation:

Red Sky® Alliance (Wapack Labs Corp.) is a privately held USA-owned cyber threat intelligence firm that delivers proprietary intelligence data, analysis, and in-depth strategic reporting. We have decided to return to using our original company name, Red Sky Alliance. Our company will continue to deliver insightful, actionable intelligence in formats best suited to your strategic, operational, and tactical needs.

Founded in 2011 by the developer of the world’s first enterprise payment server that allowed for credit card transactions on the Internet in 1996. Red Sky focuses on identifying cyber threat actors, incidents, and trends; documenting tactics, techniques, and procedures; and putting that information into the proper context for both executive decision-makers and front-line defenders.

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