The Online Wild West & The Virtual Varmints That Inhabit It

November 18th, 2020

Dozens of high-profile breaches hit the news waves every year, and for every one you know about there are a dozen or more than have happened that you don’t. 

The sudden acceleration of the remote work environment has once again created a wild west of sorts, where bad actors are rubbing their hands in anticipation. There has never been a better chance to hit paydirt than right now. 

During this 45-60-minute conversation, we’re talking with the cybersecurity front lines to get a pulse on the changes they’ve seen in the online landscape, threat environment, and changes attack trends. Where are bad actors focusing, and what does the risk for your organization look like? 

How are things different now than they were six months ago? 

The goal of the conversation is to highlight areas your organization can focus and what steps you can take as the landscape continues to evolve. 

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