What’s Possible With Machine Learning?

July 7th, 2021

About Rootstrap:

Rootstrap is a custom-software development agency that helps companies scale people, processes, and products. Companies like MasterClass & Google, along with A-list celebrities like Tony Robbins and Snoop Dogg, have trusted us to build innovative solutions to their most challenging business problems. We’ve helped launch more than 750+ digital products with more than 100 million combined downloads. 

Our mission isn't to merely build pretty interfaces, it's to iteratively design software solutions. The outcome? Achieving your business goals & generating ROI. Whether you need an app built from scratch, a rescue mission for a product that's FUBAR, or need some extra development muscle for your internal projects, we have talented global team members who are ready to generate the results that matter to you.

About Anthony Figueroa: 

Anthony Figueroa is the CTO & Co-Founder of Rootstrap that has built innovative solutions for MasterClass, Google, and Salesforce that help solve their most pressing business challenges. He loves world-changing technologies, building relationships, and solving complex problems. He’s passionate about bridging the gap between business and technical strategy. His mission is to help companies create impactful digital products that delight users.

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