Why Cybersecurity Compliance Can Be Fun

June 23rd, 2021

About BSC:

BlueSteel Cybersecurity delivers a new approach in intelligent cybersecurity protection, compliance, engineering, and strategy services. We translate the complexity of cybersecurity protection into clear and actionable insights to bridge the widening gap between organizational objectives and critical cybersecurity protection.

Our enterprise-level security services are carefully engineered to help our partners prepare for future threats while meeting strict compliance requirements. We are experts in security, data, software, and IT with decades of experience analyzing and communicating complex information upon which critical decisions are made.

About Ali:

First and foremost, Ali is a dedicated husband and proud dad to 3 amazing kids. He is also a passionate entrepreneur, cybersecurity nerd, car enthusiast, data storyteller, and technologist who currently serves as the CEO for BlueSteel Cybersecurity. As CEO for BlueSteel Cybersecurity (CMMC RPO), the mission is to deliver a new approach in intelligent cybersecurity protection, certification, engineering, and strategy services for small to mid-sized organizations. With twenty years of experience leading technology companies – from tech-focused problem-solving to the creation of consumer and business applications and platforms, Ali is great at taking what a small, specialized group understands and communicating that to the mass market.

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