Why Security Starts with Asset Discovery

August 12th, 2020

JupiterOne is the security product that is changing how organizations manage their cloud-based infrastructure. Within minutes, security teams using JupiterOne can become more efficient and impactful by centralizing the data from dozens of cloud services and services into a single hub for management, analysis and alerting. JupiterOne integrates with your cloud and non-cloud digital services to automate asset discovery and compile an up-to-date asset inventory. Learn more at www.jupiterone.com

Erkang Zheng is the Founder and General Manager of JupiterOne – a graph-based cloud security platform.  He is an experienced leader in cybersecurity and brings over 15 years of experience in all its domains from identity and access, penetration testing and incident response, to data, application and cloud security. He was previously the CISO at LifeOmic, Head of Software Security at Fidelity Personal Investing and Program Director for consulting services and strategy at IBM Security before that. He is a regular speaker at security conferences like RSA, BSides and CloudNativeCon and holds several patents and certifications in the cybersecurity space.

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