Ransomware—Good Technology Doing Bad Things

July 10th, 2020

About Avertium:

Avertium is the managed security and consulting provider that people turn to when they want more than check-the-box cybersecurity. In today’s threat environment, your not-so-standard processes, work flows, and vulnerabilities require more than just a standard approach to cybersecurity. You need a smarter, stronger, show-no-weakness approach. That’s why more than 1,200 organizations in every sector from manufacturing and retail to healthcare and government all rely on Avertium. We bring more rigor, more relevance, and more responsiveness to their security posture. Anything less just isn’t enough.  

About Hoyt Kesterson:

Hoyt L Kesterson II​ is a Senior Security & Risk Architect for Avertium, a privately-held company headquartered in Phoenix, that provides security consulting and managed services. He has worked for Avertium (and its predecessor, Terra Verde) since 2000. In this role, he advises on how to secure organizations and how to prepare for data security audits and performing data security audits. Prior to working at Avertium, he consulted as a sole practitioner for nine years designing secured systems.

He has also served as  a testifying expert witness in several matters involving intellectual property and data security, including a prior art patent case on databases, a case on cryptographic time-stamping, a spoliation hearing concerning loss of escrowed encryption keys, and a trade secret lawsuit involving API access to a database. Prior to that he was a Fellow for Bull HN Information Systems (formerly Honeywell Information Systems), also located in Phoenix, for twenty-four years between 1976 and 2000. 

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How To Establish A Zero Trust Framework For Your Business Quickly & Easily

June 19th, 2020

As a nationally recognized leader in managed IT services with a passion for all things public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud, FNTS specializes in partnering with customers that are in highly regulated and compliance-driven industries, with a continued focus on layered security solutions. There is no compromise when it comes to security. FNTS offers the security services for organizations that require stringent standards and industry-compliant regulations.

As FNTS marks its 25th anniversary in 2020, its driving force remains the same: to orchestrate agility, transparency and continued optimization for customers, all while keeping cost containment top-of-mind. For more information, visit fnts.com.

In this podcast, Robert LaMagna-Reiter discusses extending Zero Trust methodologies to the public and private cloud, and endpoint, in addition to business drivers, strategy, and the technical and cultural challenges and achievements that can quickly deliver the business results and benefits desired.

LaMagna-Reiter is a leading, trusted cybersecurity expert who holds several industry certifications (CHP, PCIP, CISSP, CISM, Security+). He has knowledge of the latest cyber threats and strategies to mitigate risks. LaMagna-Reiter implements information security strategies and roadmaps for clients through risk management; strategy and mitigation tactics; architecture and engineering; regulatory compliance and IT governance; and adherence to policies.

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CMMC: The Convergence of Compliance and Cybersecurity

June 17th, 2020

Petronella Technology Group, Inc serves customers across many vertical sectors in both public and private organizations. We understand that every industry and organization can be faced with unique IT challenges. Our expertise enables us to help clients navigate the requirements of their industry – such as CMMC for federal contractors, HIPAA and HITECH for medical practices and Sarbanes Oxley and NIST for Law firms – to find a solution that meets their needs.

Craig Petronella is the Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author of How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice and many other books and magazines. He is an MIT Certified Professional in AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Compliance with over 30 years experience in Health IT and Compliance Consulting. Mr. Petronella is the CEO of Petronella Technology Group, ‭Inc. an internationally trusted IT cybersecurity group that specializes in helping businesses with security and compliance such as NIST, PCI, GDPR & HIPAA. Security risk assessments, remediation, and patented 22-layer systems that cover your People, Process and Technology. Continuity of your business operations starts with cybersafety.

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Find Out How Knowledge Graphs Are Used In Cybersecurity

June 16th, 2020

Liquid Analytics:

At Liquid Analytics our job is to mine our customer's most valuable asset, data, to produce advanced analytics and actionable insights that transform the ways that you do business. Our suite of AI solutions helps organizations identify and solve economic optimization challenges related to your buy-supply-sell business flows.

Enhance your organization’s products and capabilities through AI adoption
We assess your current data, technology, and infrastructure to deploy AI and Machine Learning solutions. With our diverse team of Data Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers, and domain experts, we ensure your organization is leveraging the right data to successfully build and maintain AI deployments. For over a decade, Liquid Analytics has helped Fortune 1000 companies in the Retail, Food and Beverage, Energy and Utilities, and Financial Services industries seize the opportunities of AI and unlock their data potential by delivering applications with high-business value and high rates of adoption.

From integrating data from disparate systems to building Machine Learning Models custom to your business flows, our team provides a range of solutions to help your business fast-track its data agenda

Contact Liquid Analytics to see how we can transform your workflows and your bottom-line with AI.
+1 (888) 541-6707

Vish Canaran, Data Science Officer, Liquid Analytics:

As Data Science Officer, Vish leads a team of data scientists, data engineers, software developers, and business experts. Vish designs Augmented Intelligent (AI) solutions based on deep industry knowledge that enables customers and teams to transform quickly into industry innovators by delivering successful AI MVP’s (Minimum Viable Products). Vish monetizes a company’s vast data repositories with machine learning solutions that leverage automated visualization, conversational interfaces, voice recognition, sensor analytics and anticipatory user experiences. Vish is passionate about helping people begin their “Augmented Intelligence” journey from skills to teams to AI solutions that transform the human experience.   

Prior to Liquid Analytics, Vish launched and grew three other companies in the mobile, analytics and user experience spaces. Vish is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a degree in Electrical Engineering and holds patents in voice and AI.

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Cyber Made Easy For Mid-Market Business Executives

June 13th, 2020

Cyber security is very important and very difficult and even more so for middle-market businesses. LEO Cyber Security which started selling the unique Cyber-as-a-Service in 2017 has grown 3000% by making an “easy button” for cyber security.

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Learn How Investing In Cybersecurity Is Done Today!!!

June 8th, 2020

About SCVX:

SCVX is the first cybersecurity-focused Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC), a publicly-traded company that IPO’d on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in January 2020. With a $230 million pool of capital raised via the public markets and access to significantly more capital through its largest investors, the flexibility of the SPAC allows cybersecurity companies to be integrated into one multi-capability security platform. 

About Strategic Cyber Ventures (SCV):

SCV is a venture capital firm focused solely on growing cyber and national security by matching game-changing technological solutions to real-world cybersecurity requirements. Led by CEO & founder Hank Thomas, SCV takes a reimagined, more modern consultative approach to founders and the startup scene at large. 

About Hank Thomas:

Hank Thomas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures (SCV). Hank leverages 23 years of experience in cybersecurity, military intelligence, management consulting, and business to identify, assess, invest in, and mature differentiated business and technology teams positioned to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape. 

Before forming SCV, Hank served an 11-year tenure as an executive at Booz Allen Hamilton—a global strategy, technology, and consulting firm—leading a highly successful consulting business focused on military grade cybersecurity for both commercial and government clients. 

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Find Out How COVID19 Has Now Shaped The “New Normal”

May 29th, 2020

It is a bit ironic to reflect upon the fact that the very old saying “may you live in interesting times” is generally referred to as an ancient Chinese curse, though I am unaware of any evidence that is actually true.  Nonetheless, SMB IT Security, along with just about everything else, changed dramatically this Spring.  We’ve seen VAST changes in very little time:

  • The very concept of the security perimeter has effectively been obliterated.  For many of us, there are more endpoints outside the firewall than inside it now.
  • The idea that we actually manage our endpoints has also become rather fanciful.  We now support, to varying degrees, machines and usage scenarios that were unthinkable just three months ago.
  • The entire paradigm of how we manage, secure, support and even bill for these devices is changing an has changed.  For many of us this is truly terra incognita.
  • Even the structure of how our clients’ businesses will move forward is in question.  As an owner of a commercial building that is currently almost unoccupied at the moment, all we can be sure of is change.

That leads to questions about what we will do to retain or regain our security posture.  But first we have to understand just what changes have been wrought and then find ways to defend our clients in whatever their new normal may be.

Joshua Liberman, President and founder of Net Sciences, Inc., has built and secured hundreds of networks in New Mexico.  Joshua has been a rock and ice climber, martial artist, and lifelong photographer.  Joshua has traveled across the world and speaks five languages.  Joshua is a writer, public speaker and IT business owner, and raises Siberian Huskies with his wife and best friend, Heidi Olsen, who calls him the Most Interesting Geek in the World.

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The Role Of vCISO Is Now More Crucial Than Ever Before - Find Out Why

May 28th, 2020

About Third Rock:

Third Rock is a cyber risk and compliance management professional services firm. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Third Rock services include risk assessments, remediation, and rapid incident response in less 65% less time than other firms. Third Rock built a turnkey, simplified, best in class cyber risk management, cybersecurity and compliance software CyberCompass®.

About CyberCompass® LLC:

CyberCompass® cloud-based software empowers and enables businesses to manage and monitor their cyber risk at a holistic level. It is the only cyber risk management and compliance software with one assessment to meet multi standards for both cybersecurity and government privacy regulation such as HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR. The platform includes tools and guidance for hardening an organization’s IT systems, refining their operational processes, engaging employees with cyber training, and managing
vendor compliance. Excess Line Association of New York (ELANY) offers a complimentary subscription to CyberCompass® for active members to become compliant. CyberCompass®, LLC was recently established as it’s own legal entity.

About Taylor Hersom:

Taylor heads up the CyberCompass® distribution channel development. His specific goal is to help operationalize channel partners in translating cyber risks to better market their cybersecurity solutions. 

His background provides a unique set of skills in translating how cyber risk management can drive the optimization of cybersecurity and compliance solutions. Mr. Hersom has been using CyberCompass® for over a year with his previous customers.

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Find Out About The Importance & Ramifications Of The CMMC

May 22nd, 2020

Greg Johnson is Founder and CEO of Webcheck Security, a world-class penetration testing and cyber services company.

He loves people and providing solutions with integrity. A BYU graduate, Greg began his technology career in the days of 64k, 5.25” floppy drives and Mac 128k’s. As the industry evolved, Greg moved into the cyber arena and learned a great deal about cyber controls, compliance, data breach and response, and in 2016 earned his PCIP or PCI Professional designation.

In his experience as VP of Business Development with A-LIGN, a multi-national cyber audit and certification firm, Greg consulted, guided and educated dozens of clients in compliance guidelines and certifications for standards such as:

  • PCI
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2
  • GDPR
  • FedRAMP
  • NIST 

Greg also has worked on multiple executive teams over the years and been with notable companies such as WordPerfect/Novell, Global Access, Lancera, and Secuvant Security. 

Also with us today, and perhaps the protagonist in today’s show, is Lori Crooks

Senior Consultant/PM for Webcheck and Founder of Security Compliance Solutions, Inc. d/b/a LB Compliance 

Lori’s deep background includes having managing security and assurance assessment teams at growing cyber firm, A-LIGN, including but not limited to PCI, FISMA, FedRAMP, Penetration Tests, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC1 and SOC2. She also served as a Center of Excellence lead for PCI, FISMA and FedRAMP, as well as conducting quality reviews of HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC1 and SOC2 reports. For a DoD contractor, Lori has:

  • Developed the Governance, Risk and Compliance Program based on NIST 800-53 and 800-171
  • Written the Information Security Policy, and associated policies/procedures
  • Performed DFARS/NIST 800-171 self-assessments on all sites and hubs
  • Worked closely with Project Management Office and Infrastructure & Operations Team to gather audit evidence and develop Plan of Action of Milestones (POA&Ms)
  • Evaluated all evidence provided to meet the NIST 800-171 controls
  • Created the System Security Plan (SSP) Template for NIST 800-171
  • Assisted in completing the first SSP for the DoD contractor
  • Performed DoD contractor’s first annual risk assessment 

Lori has broad and deep knowledge of multiple cyber frameworks and subscribes to the Webcheck Way – meaning helpful customer communication and professionalism in all documentation and consulting.

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Safer Computing through Invisible Authentication

May 15th, 2020

Intensity Analytics is a distributed software company specializing in the measurement and interpretation of the mathematics of human behavior. The company’s breakthrough contribution to the cybersecurity field is having invented and broadly patented novel algorithms which make possible the comparison of human effort with sufficient accuracy to confirm a claim of identity at scale to make enterprises and individuals more secure. For more information, please visit intensityanalytics.com

Jonathan Nystrom took on the role of Interim CEO at Intensity Analytics in the fall of 2019. Jonathan has over three decades of experience bringing innovations to market, including start-ups, Fortune 500, and Big 4. Jonathan’s defining characteristics include relentless curiosity and an unwavering belief that there is always a better way and that fortune favors those who find a way to deliver it.

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